God, You know that I am not brave enough to ask this to You
You know how afraid I am
But I know I have to ask this

God, is this for real?
Or it’s just another crush?
Is it right for me to love him?

God, i have never been this afraid before.
I am afraid to hear a “NO” answer.
I am not ready for that.
I am not brave enough for that.
I am not tough enough

God, I want him badly
Until I feel so much hurt
Until I want to cry

I feel so bad, God
So bad with this feelng

Am I wrong?
Does he have someone special already?
Does he love me?
Does he miss me, like the way I miss him?
Does he think about me, recently?

‘Cause I miss him, God.
I love him
I think about him every now and then

I just met him on Sunday, but I’d missed him on Monday

Am I pathetic?
Am I miserable?
I guess so

LOVE….. so confusing and uncertain